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Walter Bizzarri: Why the ancient principles of warfare are more important than ever on modern battlefields…

The Natural Extension of your Combat Mindset

Living with your shield in a world of violence…

Before we talk about the future of combat and what to expect in operations for the years to come, I would like to take a look back in time.

Because in understanding where we come from, we make better use of what lies ahead.

For 2300 years, warriors have been using shields in their fighting methods. Not much has changed since ancient times.

The universal rules of warfare and what makes a true warrior are still the same. Details and technologies may change. But the soul of a warrior does not.

We still need the same efficiency in thinking and decision-making, sometimes within seconds, while facing death or life situations.

This connection between your mind and your action is still the same source of being a true warrior like the one that our ancient forefathers had to count on in war and armed conflicts.

And that‘s exactly why the shield is not only an ancient tradition. It is not just a mere extension of our arms in need of defense. 

It is a connection… A connection between your thinking and your action/reaction in combat.

A design to give a modern operator every angle he needs to protect, to win, to survive

The shield is an extension of our mind, of our thinking as a warrior.

And since the mind makes the warrior, we better put some honest thoughts into a better understanding of how important the unique connection between a man and his shield really is.

This takes us directly to the operational environment of our time.

Today‘s operators should know, that we are not only carrying weight with the shield on our arm but countless opportunities in combat and operational flexibility.

Let me explain to you, why this is not just a concept of an ancient ideology, but a daily real-life operational experience with true and immediate application in the field.

We have been out there for many years, like you guys. And we had to face many threats, attacks, and dangerous seconds between life and death.

These moments have shaped our thinking about modern combat as well as it later took shape in the design of our operational shields.

We expanded our operational experience into a specific design, and then we brought it into an operational form.

Yes, we call it a shield.

But the truth is…

… it is operational experience brought into a design to give a modern operator every angle he needs to protect, to win, to survive, and at the end: to save lives.

A real operational shield extends your combat mindset

Your shield extends your operational flexibility. It is crucial to understand that.

A real operational shield extends your combat mindset into an applicable form, and into what you can do in the most crucial moments of your mission.

The ones that will decide if your men come back home in one piece, or not.

Sometimes, something that just takes a bullet for you, can make quite a difference, right?

And if the shit hits the fan, the number of options you have to counter the attack, make also quite a difference.

Put these pieces together and you have what our tactical shields add to your operational success: fewer bullets with your name on it to worry about while gaining a lot more options to counter those who are spreading them onto you.

That‘s why we don’t think only in terms like „shields“, but always in giving operators more options.

We teach awareness about what awaits any modern warrior in the fields while handing him out options to react to common and uncommon threats in any environment accordingly.

Let’s be more specific: Have you ever thought about what awaits you from high above?

Isn’t it curious, that most tactical training workshops teach you 360-degree action?

But with technology advancing and costs of former „futuristic“ technology dropping at monthly rates the danger of attacks coming from the sky above you is very real today.

Yes, I am talking about drones.

Have you ever seen how ancient warriors defend themselves against the first wave of attacks, coming from endless lines of archers?

Yes, they use a shield.

In 2020, one of the oldest tactics in universal warfare will be more important than ever:

Using a shield to secure the sky above you.

Because today it is easy to put a drone with explosives or firearms into the sky above you and bring your mission down, just because you had a 360-degree line of sight (and thinking), and not the 720-degree defense, that our modern world demands, from now on.

A new line of home defense shields

With the same mindset, we are entering the civilian market of home defense, now.

While our operational shields are handing out options to act and secure a professional operational environment we also have spent many thoughts on what it means to hand out civilians more options in their home defense.

What is your worst nightmare? 

Facing an armed and dangerous criminal in your house … while your family is around … comes pretty close to it, I am pretty sure about that.

And let‘s be honest: Even with a firearm in reach and a solid foundation in basic pistol training, defending your home against an aggressive intruder can cost your life and harm your family beyond imagination. It happens all the time.

But we have the most logical idea to solve this dilemma: precisely designed shields for a home environment that allows you to move freely in a close quarters environment like corridors, doors, stairs, and rooms while being protected by anti-ballistic material.

Have you ever seen anybody wearing a vest while watching TV or having a good night’s sleep? No, we neither. Nobody does that.

But when your wife grabs your hand while whispering: „Did you hear that?“, I bet you would love to have a shield in front of you that can take a round or a knife-attack with ease.

That’s why we have a new line of home defense shields, that gives every homeowner the operational security of professional ballistic protection but lets him move freely and effectively, in the environment of his household while facing an intruder.

To round-up our thoughts about changes and new rules in today’s operational environment: our outlook for the next years basically comes down to these premises: 

Expanding your operational flexibility is key. 

And having more options in the field. 

While keeping yourself aware of threats coming from every angle.

Of course, we are thinking in these terms, because we design shields. That‘s what we are.

But we refer to everything else in the security business as well. 

These principles will shape our future. 

Operations are becoming more complex, more fluid, constantly changing in parameters in highly lethal and often chaotic environments.

This is the hash reality of our times.

Make your mission a success

The more options you carry in your thinking and in what you have around to make your mission a success, the more you are prepared for what it takes to master the threat-level of modern world.

In the same way, we are thinking in new terms about home defense.

We all know the dogma of „A gun is the best line of defense in your own home…“, yes, maybe.

But a gun and a flexible anti-ballistic shield are definitely better.

Look into real cases of violent attacks in family homes and you get real quick, why having a shield is most probably the ultimate lifesaver in home defense.

Because, what you really need when it happens to you, is something that makes sure you and your family are kept safe while moving freely and secure within a close quarters combat environment that can become your own house because you have to face one or more violent criminals in it.

Remember: The best shield is your thinking. Make use of it.

Be prepared, stay safe.

We are proud to save lives.

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