About the author : Varg Freeborn

Varg Freeborn is an author, self-defense and gunfight instructor, lethal force educator, fitness coach, a father and a family man.

Varg Freeborn: How to counter a knife attack. How to avoid dangerous misconseptions. And what to do, if your attacker is too close to draw your firearm.

Interview Varg Freeborn: How to counter a knife attack

Thomas Lojek: What is the worst misconception, that civilians could have about knife defense?

Varg Freeborn: That it is as easy as the YouTube videos and dojo gurus make it look. It’s not.

Thomas Lojek: What is the worst misconception, that professionals who are carrying a firearm (operators, LE, CPS) could have about knife defense?

Varg Freeborn: That they can deploy a firearm in „reaction“ to a hands-on knife attack in progress.

If a person has closed the gap on you with the knife already in play and stabbing at you, it is generally not successful to try to both defend against the knife damage while simultaneously drawing a weapon efficiently.

The defender must deal with the knife first, and either gain
control of the knife or create the space needed to effectively draw and get effective hits on the attacker with the firearm.

Thomas Lojek: Try to be honest: What is the best form to train self- defense against a knife attack?

Varg Freeborn: A solid mixture of grappling (including freestyle wrestling) skills, striking skills (like boxing), and weapons skills, all trained and pressure tested in force-on- force training with protective gear and simulated knife attacks.

The attack can become so chaotic and unpredictable in the angle and intensity and so on, that covering the bases in a well-rounded program is the best preparation.

I personally don’t believe there is „a“ knife defense or system. Preparation requires a balance of methods and skills.

Thomas Lojek: What is you preferred weapon to counter a knife- attack? And why?

Varg Freeborn: Blunt weapon, preferably small and heavy like a sap. The effect is much more immediate and debilitating than random shots into the body from a pistol.

Thomas Lojek: What are the most useful forms of martial arts and/or drills within martial arts, that can give you at least a basic tool set to counter a knife- attack? Especially, for a civilian who can‘t spend a lot of time to train for combat?

Varg Freeborn: Freestyle wrestling and boxing.

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