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… make them ready for what they do best: stopping bad guys in every possible way …

Tactical Training and Special Operations is about….

The future of Special Operations….

Everything in our industry, from special operations to tactical training, is about people.

It’s about bringing together the best team players, the brightest people, the most skilled fighters, and efficient thinkers.

And then, make them ready for what they do best: stopping bad guys in every possible way.

Yes, reaction time, shooting skills, and being a tough guy in CQB is crucial, there is no doubt about it.

But the essential edge in modern warfare comes from the mind. From the way a warrior looks at the world, how he processes the information around him, and how he makes crucial decisions in the blink of an eye.

Is there some alpha-male testosterone involved? … Yes, for sure.

Being a leader? Absolutely.

Lethal force? Of course.

But you must also be the guy who has the back of everybody else in the team.

You must be able to understand the complexity of modern threats. You must be well trained in reaction time and thinking.

On this website and in our GTI Magazine you will find some of the most lethal and most effective warriors of our times.

They survived places, conflicts, wars, and fights, most people can not even imagine.

And this experience made them better.

Better as a warrior, better as a member of a team, better as a thinker.

The ones who mastered the skills and survived the battlefields teach the next generation of warriors

Many of these special warriors decided to become instructors.

It‘s essentially a universal tradition in human warfare:

The ones who mastered the skills and survived the battlefields teach the next generation of warriors.

There is wisdom in it.

It happens for a reason.

And that‘s why you will read a lot about the Warrior Ethos in our articles and interviews.

The more complex warfare skills, gear, and technology become, the more our today‘s warriors hunger for the very core of a fighter‘s life:

The Code of Honor and the Warrior Ethos.

The men who are involved in in this project – webseite and magazine – are good men.

Every day, they shoulder the task to get up early in the morning to teach other good men cutting-edge tactics of giving bad guys a hard time.

And they get back home late and only after the job is done. It is not an easy life.

But they all do it for a reason.

And now, you will have the opportunity to read about their motives on this website and in our free GTI Magazine.

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Thomas Lojek

About Thomas Lojek

I am a professional writer for more than 20 years with some friends in special operations and also in the tactical training industry. Sometimes, I enjoy telling a good story about what they do.

Of course, no classified information or TTP will ever find its way into my writings… Not on this website. Not in our magazine. Not in social media. Never.

We respect the silent professionals.

If you look for sensational stuff or “secret ninja skills” you better look elsewhere.

My new thriller novel will be out in 2021! Let’s keep in touch!

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