About the author : Varg Freeborn

Varg Freeborn is an author, self-defense and gunfight instructor, lethal force educator, fitness coach, a father and a family man.

Varg Freeborn: We are moving past the nonsense of believing that all you need is a fast draw technique.

The most important components you can develop as a fighter

As I look into the future of the industry and of my own training, I find myself maturing into a focused direction.

For me it is very simple: strength and conditioning, and pushing for higher standards for the integrity of the material being taught.

We have come a long way in the self- defense and tactical industries over the last 20 years.

One of the biggest collective realizations that has risen is the need to be strong and physically fit, and how it will enhance your performance of skills, techniques, procedures and tactics.

Being strong matters, and now we are moving past the nonsense of believing that all you need is a fast draw technique, or great submission skills, and you can avoid putting in the hard work of physical conditioning.

This is patently false and it has been openly exposed as a lie.

We have matured in this industry to know that a gun is not a talisman that wards off bad spirits, and that you very likely may have encounters with violence that do not afford you the opportunity to draw your weapon.

In fact, it is more likely to happen this way depending on your job or mission sometimes. In these instances, how strong and fit you are will determine how effectively you deliver your skills and techniques and how long you can stay in the fight.

I would argue those are the most important components you can develop as a fighter.

More importantly, the stronger and fitter you are, the
more capable you are mentally as well. It’s very simple.

Your heart rate and respiratory system take longer to be taxed at high levels, and when you are, you recover to normal much faster.

You are prepared to not be pushed into physical overload, which causes psychological panic.

This means you spend more time in the highly functional cognitive condition and less time in escalated physiological conditions that inhibit the clear information analysis and decision making required to be a fast, effective fighter.

Show us, and yourself, that what you teach does in fact work

Directly tied into my strength and conditioning vision is the integrity of what we teach in this industry as a whole.

I will encourage everyone to try their methods out in full-contact and simulated ammunition force-on-force training.

Show us, and yourself, that what you teach does in fact work. Use the pressure testing to refine it.

If you are not willing to demonstrate your technique facing a non-compliant attacker or with simulated ammunition being fired at you, then what are you teaching?

If you’re material comes from experience, it should be possible to recreate the experience on some level for students to safely experience themselves.

We are in the business of saving lives.

No better way to do that than to become healthier and stronger while we prove and refine our life saving skills.

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