Retirement Major Euclid “Lee” Cruz (US SFG ODA 321)

Written by Stephen Declay

Today, the US Army is losing to retirement an awesome Green Beret warrior, medic, PA, soldier, and someone that I call a brother!

He’s been there when I was down, he picked me up, brushed off the dirt, and told to me to keep moving.

I’m proud to know he will be my brother forever, although not by blood, but a brotherly bond that was bonded in war.

Major Euclid “Lee” Cruz, you are my friend, my brother, and my teammate. Congratulations on your retirement may you enjoy the life moments that may have been lost performing your duties for your country.

You and Cathy Corey Cruz and the kids will be happy your home for good, and you will be happy to be there for them to make up for those days that you couldn’t be there with them.

Now you can enjoy the retirement community of the old ODA 321 with the rest of us old warriors!  Lol!  Tell all our old teammates I said “Whats Up?” and enjoy your day with family and friends.

Have one for me and know I’m remembering you and our shenanigan’s around Fort Bragg! … Take care brother, love you man, and congrats again!! DOL

– Stephen Declay

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