Pierre Hough: Cassinga” – the most recognized success story of the South African Parabats in combat!

Hans Human | Pierre Hough | Tommie Lampbrect

… written by Pierre Hough…

Remembering the battle commanders of the Cassinga battle

43 years ago, Tommie Lampbrect (on the right) who was D Company Commander during Operation Rheindeer at the target codenamed “Moscow”, at Cassinga some 300 km north of Namibia in Angola, dispatched Hans Human (platoon commander, on the left) to go see if I needed assistance.

I commanded a small anti-tank force that also laid anti-tank mines in case a Cuban force, situated some 10 km away, launched an attack on the airborne force.

Hans witnessed the engagement and destruction of a four fully manned amphibian armoured BTR-51’s, with RPG-7’s.

He also heard one of the anti-tank landmines go of as it stopped 26 BTR-51′ on their way to Cassinga.

At some point during his retreat, a Russian tank T34 missile threw him in the air as it exploded nearby.

Not a man to lie in observance, his platoon engaged with pinpoint accuracy the surviving Cubans.

This turned out to be the biggest loss suffered by Cuba in armed conflict in its history.

It was great to get together again.

As times go by our numbers diminish as the Wall of Remembrance in the background show.

We were the only battle commanders at the 43rd Day of Commemoration for the fallen, also to remember the 60th anniversary of 1 Parachute Batallion.

“Cassinga” is the most recognized success story of the South African Parabats in combat.

I have been asked to write about the proper context of the Cassinga battle and about the crucial role played by the anti-tank platoon, never told before soon to be published.

The Cassinga battle has many lessons for airborne operations.

… More coming soon…

Thank you to Mark Human (MultiDimensionalWarrior, Muizenberg) for the contact! – Team GTI Magazine

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