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In a world so excited about drones, cyberattacks, tactical gear, and gadgets, we have to return to the basics: to the warrior ethos!

What makes a true warrior today?

The warrior ethos… what makes a true warrior?

On our modern battlefields, more complex than ever before, we have to return to the very core of warfare: A true and deeper understanding of what makes a true and highly efficient warrior.

In a world so excited about drones, cyberattacks, tactical gear, and gadgets, we have to return to the basics: to the warrior ethos, to what makes a true warrior.

Technology is good. But we are putting „things“ on the top of the pyramid.

On the top of the pyramid of warfare has to be the man.

The man and his honor, his capabilities, and his ethics.

That‘s why we have to come back to the true meaning of being a „soldier“.

Because we are losing our way.

We are putting all our efforts into gear, weaponry, and advanced technology.

But our enemies, they are fighting for a cause. Right or wrong, like it or not, they do it very efficiently.

And they are reckless and dangerous only because of their beliefs in what they fight for.

They will die for their beliefs.

And that‘s something we are losing in our western world.

Our soldiers are more afraid to die because there is nothing to believe in. Not anymore.

And it’s all about money.

Even on the battlefield.

The path of the warrior… in its very ancient and universal meaning

The path of the warrior, in its very ancient and universal meaning through all epochs and all traditions, must be our guideline.

We must go back to the roots.

We must be attached to the core values of true warriors and not too dependent on the technology of our gear. 

You have always to remember yourself: Technology and gear can fail. And they will fail…  It is just a matter of time and your environment. 

But what will never fail you is the spirit of your soul as a warrior.

And as warriors, we have to remember this spirit to lighten the moments of darkness that awaits the ones who fight on the battlefields of our world. 

Your certainty of what you fight for cannot fail you.

Because if you fight without true beliefs you enter the battlefield just as dead as the bodies around you, and right before the fight even has begun.

And it will happen completely disregarding what you wear or carry. Remember that. Always. 

Technology and gear won’t make a warrior out of you.

But you can make one out of yourself.

By making up your own combat mindset all the time and by all yourself.

By believing in yourself and what you fight for. 

And you must do that. Because in the battle of minds, the one with a stronger combat mindset – even if his ideology is dead wrong – will win the fight.  

You can’t allow this to happen. Not in 2020. And not beyond.  

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This article was published in GTI Magazine May 2020.

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