About the author : Miroslav Pastercik

Miroslav Pasterčík is founder and CEO of ATAC Anti Terror Academy in Czech Republic. He is a former Czech Police Officer, Quick Response Unit of the City of Prague. For six years, he was a member of the Praesidium of the Czech Chamber of Detective Services. Miroslav Pasterčík is an expert in tactical procedures, in operations of small units, and specialist in high-risk operations worldwide.

What our brothers really need to be prepared for the worldwide security issues is tough, hard training that puts them under maximal pressure.

Armed forces need regular training that includes real-life scenarios

Hard training based on real combat experience

Our world’s security is getting significantly worse.

International tensions, radicalization, and the frequency and brutality of attacks are rising.

And it is happening on all levels: organized crime, terrorism, between combatants in a warzone, in proxy wars and civil wars… gloves are off and savageness rules our modern combats: from the streets of Europe to the latest battlefields somewhere in the world.

Unfortunately, the lack of good and realistic training within many police forces, military units, and civilian security forces like close protection services is quite evident, also.

Many units aren’t on par with what awaits them in real conflict zones or when trained terror cells attack our cities.

Don’t get me wrong: We have many good and brave men in counter-terror teams and police units around the world, no doubt.

But the braveness of these men also needs a good backing in form of training, fair politicians who support our brothers in uniforms, and a willingness to have a budget for their education and operational readiness.

Our armed forces need regular training that includes real-life scenarios and equipment that helps them to survive and to protect their people.

Many policies in many countries seem not willing to take that road.

But it ends with government forces that become increasingly outflanked by the rising level of brutality in crime and combat or riots.

Hard training that puts an operator under maximal pressure

My experience over the years has always come back to the same point: You don’t need much. Not the best equipment nor the latest technology. It helps… but it won’t make you a better warrior.

What our brothers really need to be prepared for the worldwide security issues is tough, hard training that puts them under maximal pressure.

And under pressure, they have to learn to execute and bring the mission to an end.

Simple, hard but realistic training. That is the way.

We have already promoted this style of training for more than 18 years within our own SF-UCS system. And in our ATAC Anti Terror Academy, which is our training arm for stateside special operation forces.

I think, that more and more training companies and instructors will take that road. I can clearly see the trend.

„Evil“ cannot be fought by YouTube warriors or by instructors, who created their tactical procedures just for the ratings of their channel.

Hard training based on real experiences in war, in fighting violent crime, or in anti-terror operations is a must to get to the operational readiness that today’s threat-level demands from our armed forces.

But that is impossible without sweat and blood.

Believe it or not, true and savage violence can only be answered by equal force.

Modern training plans must put a focus on this.

We follow this philosophy for nearly two decades, now. I hope you will do the same.

Stay safe.

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