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Paul Bonnici, founder of Elite Spartan Tactical Concept and lead instructor of Team Zero Malta.

Paul Bonnici, founder of Elite Spartan Tactical Concept and lead instructor of Team Zero Malta, about his tactical training system.

Interview: Paul Bonnici

Thomas Lojek: Can you tell us more about your system “Confined Area Tactical Solution”?

Paul Bonnici: CATS was designed by a fusion of tactics. And by years of experience in training with some of the world’s most advanced special forces units.

Israel IDF (Shin Bet), FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Italian 9th Parachutist Assault Regiment (Col Moschin), and other units have left their mark in my system. I had the opportunity to work and train with these units for years, and that task is still covered by OPSEC.

Thomas Lojek: Can you tell some details without giving away too much of your tactical secrets?

Paul Bonnici: My CATS system emphasizes on perfect cover, weapon flow, and understanding how the human behavior interacts with tactics.

The CATS program uses active resistance, latest weapon handling and shooting platforms. I am working with mental visualization, brain training.

And as I mentioned before, with a very specific weapon flow combined with an advanced understanding how the human behavior interacts in tactical situations and under stress.
CATS system is providing a strong foundation to efficiently conduct room clearing and domination with more flexibility, safety, and dynamic movements.

Paul Bonnici Tactical Training

That goes up to more advanced details and tactics that you could ever imagine, even with a solid foundation in tactical training.

While developing CATS I was pushing the limits of what we know, the way we look at tactical training, and of course the limits of what we think that can be done or should be done.

CATS is a jump into a highly innovative tactical training that covers the flexibility and the higher understanding how criminals and terrorists act in our modern real world. And counter it.

Let me share only one phrase with you. Something that we use a lot in CATS, and with a fundamental understanding in tactical training, you may get an idea of how I try to change perspectives and common grounds of bias in what we do:

“There is no perfect CQB but perfect cover!“

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