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GTI Magazine Jan. 2021

In this issue: Instructor Zero, Fred Mastro, Kris Paronto, Jack Carr, Tony Blauer, Chris Dutch Moyer, Daniel Rocca, Nick Drossos, Scott Usry, Brian Bewley, Tom Buchino, Ralf Kassner, Walter Bizzarri, Thomas Lojek, and many more…

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Instructor of the Week

Tom Buchino | El Paso, Texas

Founder Tactical Ranch

Covenant Special Projects & CSP Protective Services

Tactical Training | SUT | Close Protection Services


Company of the Month

Full Spectrum Warrior USA

The Training Company of Rich Graham

Range: Deep Woods Training Facility


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The GTI Magazine

Outstanding Instructor Award

… goes to …

Ralf Kassner | Wodan Security | Former GSG9 

For outstanding work in training and industry networking

Founder and host of International Bodyguard Conference (IBC)


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Best Photo of the Week

Photo: BG-Booms

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Best Product This Week

Epoch Eyewar | Photo: Valhalla Tactical

Instructor: Mitch (GTI Government Training Institute)

Epoch Eyewear
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The GTI Magazine

SWAT Award

… for Operators | Units | Instructors …

… goes to …

88 Tactical Mobil Team | 88 Tactical Group | Omaha

For outstanding work in training of SWAT units in the United States

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Our Contributors

Thomas Lojek • Instructor Zero • Tony Blauer • Daniel Defense • Kris Paronto • Jack Carr • Scott Usry • Chris Dutch Moyer • Todd VanLangen • Clay Martin • Rich Graham • Nick Drossos • Fred Mastro • Brian Bewley • James Stejskal • Mark Human • Varg Freeborn • Trevor S. Thrasher • Tom Buchino • Ralf Kassner • Walter Bizzarri • Paolo Simeone • Corinne Mosher • Brian Naillon • Dennis O‘Connor • Neil Pollock • Talon Wilkinson • Robert Vaughan • Greg McKinney … and more…


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GTI Magazine


October 2020

Chris Dutch Moyer, Brian Bewley, Scott Usry, Clay Martin, Rich Graham, Brian Naillon, Paolo Simeone

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July 2020

Daniel Defense, Ralf Kassner, Nick Drossos, Brian Bewley, Varg Freeborn, Scott Usry Talon Wilkinson, and many more…


May 2020

Corinne Mosher, Todd VanLangen, Paolo Simeone, Brian Bewley, Tom Buchino, Scott Usry, Dennis O’Connor, and many more…


The GTI Magazine

Sniper Award

… goes to …

Joe Marler and Daniel McLeroy

|  Daniel Defense  |

For outstanding product development and providing superior customer service

throughout the entire product adoption process including end user product training,

and lifetime product maintenance.

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Use your agencies surplus vehicles, ammo, weapons, confiscated items, and forfeited-seized assets to fund your critical mission.

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